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January went so fast this year.
The first week was spent trying to do homework and sorting a few things out around the house before going back to uni for the new term.
The second week was spent celebrating my birthday first with friends then with my family and finally with my boyfriend on the weekend. That whole week back at uni was a bit of a blur and I didn’t managed to get my bag unpacked or much work done, which was a bit of a pain as the following Tuesday I had a deadline to meet!
After that first deadline of the term I spent the rest of the third week trying to get myself into the uni work life frame of mind and that was hard! I think I finally managed to get unpacked but work wise it was a bit of a failure because one of my group projects took a sudden (although anticipated) nose dive and so I couldn’t really concentrate on my assignments. Plus it snowed hard, and I wanted to spend my time looking out the window more than I did work! I decided not to worry about them and save them for the weekend when I thought I’d have more time for them, but that weekend came and passed and no assignments were finished.
The following week I finally managed to get my head and I worked every free minute I had so I could enjoy the weekend. I was supposed to be going home to help my boyfriend do the wallpapering, but unfortunately his friend’s car got stuck in the snow so I didn’t manage to get that done. I did make a huge lemon tray bake and also cooked the best lasagne I’ve ever made so he was still a happy boy despite the lack of wallpaper! As we finally had a new bed (so much better than the futon we were sleeping on) we spent a lot of time sitting in bed indulging in relaxation time! So much so when Sunday evening came around I really really didn’t want to go back to uni (when do I ever?) so I stayed an extra night and travelled back in the morning. Making that next week a short one.
On the Tuesday, two major (well they were major in effort, not so much in marks) assignments were handed in and I feel so much freer for it! All be it freer to work on the group projects that seemed to be falling around my ankles.
This last weekend I made another trip home, again in hope to do the living room wallpaper but again it didn’t get done! Getting a bit frustrated with that and the fella said that he would be able to get on with it more when I was gone because I wouldn’t be a hindrance anymore! I got a bit grumpy at him for saying that because in actual fact that weekend I had been trying my hardest to clean the house for him (no benefit to me because I won’t be there during the week!), get him new curtains and poles because he was complaining about the light at night in the bedroom (again doesn’t bother me), so that he could get on with his sorting out his car.
So hopefully with me not around this next week, he will do the wallpapering and painting of the living room?? Haha, I don’t hold out too much hope for that.
With being so far behind with the group work, and having a particularly busy week with extra tutorials and lectures because lecturers were unavailable last term I’ve resorted to making a timetable to try and get on top of my work, while still doing the ‘life’ things I need/want to do, such as writing thank you letters and going swimming! Hopefully February will be more productive and less rushed than January?


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