Back To School

Yesterday was my first day “back” at uni. I say “back” as I’ve actually been there all summer as I was doing a summer placement in my department in partnership with Rolls Royce, but now it is back to lectures, classes, tutorials and assignments.
I normally love the first week back at school. It’s so much easier than the rest of the year as you have no assignments hanging over you, and the lectures/ classes tend to be shorter as they are mainly just introductions to the course. I love the fresh start.
The last couple of days however I’ve felt a bit of a frantic mess! I’ve never had timetable clashes before or any options in the subjects I have to study, so I’ve had a few big decisions to make and loads of chasing up/ sorting out to do trying to get my timetable sorted.
It hasn’t exactly helped that I’ve had cold on top of cold and been ill in other ways too. Today I resorted to a lemon and maple syrup drink with added cinnamon to try and help me feel a bit better. Magic stuff is cinnamon- the number of amazing properties it has to it really surprises me and I’m determined to incorporate more of it into my diet. I’ve also started taking my vitamin tablets again as I want to be as healthy as possible this year because last year I seemed to be constantly ill and it made me even more miserable than I was already with the workload and group work problems I had! What things do you do to keep illnesses away?


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I’m currently…

I’m currently sat in my boyfriend’s car, keeping the fella company, while he tinkers around in the engine bay wiring up some new indicators after knocking the old ones out in a little accident we had last weekend. The road was wet and the car decided to do some slow-mo pirouettes into a bushy verge which made a bit of a mess of the fibreglass valance, put a few dents in the front side panels (which are only in primer at the moment!) and meant he had to get the tracking redone. Luckily neither of us were hurt, and the engine was fine so we were able to pick up the pieces, get back in the car and drive home safely.


Did make me appreciate how lucky we are being alive and well though!

We had just come back from Birmingham where my boyfriend came to spend the weekend with me at my new university residence (he’s nicknamed it the ‘penthouse suite’ due to being on the top floor of the apartment block).

We were blessed with hot weather and decided to make the most of it by visiting a nature museum- which really was a small animal park, with animals ranging from rare breeds of sheep and pig to tamarind monkeys, wallabies and red pandas.


 The fella even joked that he saw a “rare wild capri”!!!


On the Saturday night we decided we would see the new “Dredd” film- I wasn’t expecting much after the last film we saw together (Bourne Legacy) was awful. I was actually really impressed with Dredd even though there was a lot of ‘gore’ the plot was very good, the action, wit and acting was fantastic. So much so that when we got back home we went to see it again, this time with my fella’s housemates.

Unfortunately as my boyfriend wasn’t on holiday this week like I am at the moment, he had to go back to work on Monday leaving me to try and get some of my jobs done while staying in the piece and quiet of his house. Well… that didn’t happen! The most I got done was to take the 7GB of photos off my iPhone and put them in the correct month folder on my computer. Not a productive 3 days.

I did get to see the tour of Britain go past near Carlisle though.


After the lack of productivity at the start of the week, boy did Thursday make up for it! I managed to get a letter sent to my auntie in Australia (longgg over due!), my claim form for disabled students allowance done (hello £250!), my student finance done, bought a birthday present for my friend who I’m visiting next week,  bought things for my dad, laundry etc , and excitingly managed to finish of my diary I’ve been trying to get done for the last 3 weeks!


I am so so pleased with the results!

I’ve been moved to the garage now (I’ve got a luxury bucket seat to sit in!) as he wanted to wash the car and he didn’t know if there would be any leaks- didn’t want me to get my laptop wet!!!

This weekend I want to try and get a happy medium between lots of rest/ doing pleasurable activities as well as being a little bit productive (does writing this post count?)- such as being treated to lunch today in the filling station café 😀


and a little bit of shopping- do you like my new disco ball like bauble? Should sit pretty in my uni room window- catching the light to make colours dance across the walls.


And of course the odd thing for my boyfriend- I managed to find him his new indicator lights at the scrap yard this afternoon. he says it was a date! Cheeky! haha 


How are you going to play out your weekend? Are you trying to achieve lots, or are you having a relaxed time with lazy Sunday brunch?

Zoe xxxx

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September 15, 2012 · 5:58 pm

Moving forward.

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually post anything to this blog. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I haven’t wanted to it’s just that there’s been a lot of things getting my way. I have written a few blog posts I just haven’t actually posted any of them, as I either wrote them where I didn’t have internet connection or I wanted to go back and edit them.

This year I’ve had more than my fair share of life experiences.

I’ve moved from my childhood home in the English Lake District in the middle of my end of year exams, gone through huge medical problems with a close friend (which nearly killed both of us with the effort we had to put in to get where we are now!), and then had to move house again  (which involved a lot of complications, disappointment and frustration).

I’ve also been doing a summer placement which had it’s own frustrations, but I’m glad to say that I finished that yesterday.

This month for me is all about trying to sort myself out, pick myself up and get ready for the coming academic year. Given the way the last year turned out, I need to be as prepared as possible for the next one!!

I’ve got a number of things I want to achieve before I go back to uni later this month, and I hope to share some of these things with you as I go along now I have a bit more time.

here’s a mini list of some of the things I hope to do:

  • firstly I want to finish a diary I’ve been making- a printable. If you guys like it, I might post the second 3 month instalment in December ready for the new year. I’m really excited about this one!
  • unpack in my new flat and decorate my dorm room- I’ll post about my room sometime 🙂
  • do some baking! I haven’t been able to do any in ages due to moving house and not having a proper kitchen to work in, so a good cookie and brownie making session is in order!
  • practice handwriting- mines got pretty sloppy while at uni so I need to get ‘back to school’ on this one!
  • most importantly remember to actually get around to posting on my blog! I hope to at least once a week this month, but I also post on instagram pretty much everyday, I’m @zoerawr should you like to follow my feed!

Big hugs to anyone else who’s had a hard year this year, hoping this month will be better for you also!

See you soon


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GOSH Nail Glitter review

So I’ve got a red carpet event to go to tomorrow (It’s my boyfriend’s dad’s retirement party, but work with me here…) And I wanted to look glamorous (even though its going to be outside and not really warm enough to wear a floaty little number), so that for me means wearing something a bit sparkly and out of the ordinary to what I’d usually wear.

Recently I’ve discovered a big interest in nail polish so this ‘posh’ event was the perfect time to experiment with some glittery nail polish. I’d really wanted to get “birthday” by Deborah Lippmann, but it costs quite a lot and on a student budget, I don’t really have £14 to splash out on just one bottle of a confetti like glitter nail polish. The other glitter nail varnishes I’d seen in the shops are either not dense enough with the glitter particles, looking more like a clear varnish or they are in a foul colour. In any case you have to put many layers of the polish on if you want the nails to be evenly and fully covered. I did consider dipping my fingers in actual glitter at one point because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get the effect that I wanted with ordinary glitter polish!

However GOSH came to my rescue!! They have created a fine glitter for nails which is perfect for completely covering your nails in just one application! It comes in a little pot which you dip your nail in after a clear coat of nail varnish. You then just dust off the excess with a brush, then you’re done!

 I added a couple of coats of a clear nail polish over the top when I did it because I wasn’t sure if the glitter would come off, but in hindsight I don’t think I needed to do that, and the clear coats slightly dulled down then glittery effect which was a shame. Also because you a putting the topcoat over a rough surface, it sort of gets absorbed and doesn’t really make it glossy like it would do over a normal smooth nail polish. If you apply 3 coats of a top coat it starts to look glossy but seeing as I’m only going to be wearing this polish for a couple of days (need clear nails for work) it’s a bit OTT to put so many coats on.

glitter nails with glittery topcoat (from ASDA!)

One thing you have to make sure of when you’re using the nail glitter is to make sure the coat under the glitter is very thin or else the glitter clumps like a pre-school child has had a go at the craft table….

Something I’m keen to try when I get a chance is to paint a design on my nail and then dip the nail in the glitter so that only the design is glittery….

Has anyone else tried GOSH nail glitter before? What about the other colours? I cant wait to try the rose pink colour!

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Mini Update Post: The Last Day at the Good Bag Co!

Today feel s like it should be a sad day, as it’s my final proper day working in the good bag shops (at least for the foreseeable future!), but of course it can’t a sad day because the shop is such a happy place to work!
It’s a very exciting time for me this week, because as well as this being my last day (not that the word exciting should be used there…) tomorrow it’s my sister’s ninth birthday and also my boyfriend’s dad’s retirement party, then on Tuesday I start my summer placement with Technical Fibre Products! I’m sure I will post about my summer placement later when I know a bit more- at the moment I know it’s to do with fuel cells, but I can’t really say much more than that!


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Keswick Bag shop

Since my last post about the Good Bag co there have been a lot of updates which I should have blogged about! For example there are 3 shops now, and the range of bags has been extended even further and there are even cards with some of the designs on them too! I’ve also created a facebook page for the good bag company -so be sure to check it out and like it here for news and updates!

The Keswick branch of the Good Bag shops has been up and running since last October and is situated just off the roundabout on Main Street.

Sorry for only having the one picture of the Keswick shop- I haven’t got around to taking more- and the buckets of rain we’ve had the last couple of day when I’ve been in the shop haven’t helped me get inspired to take any!

I’ll try and get some pictures of the cards tomorrow when I’m in the Grasmere shop. As for the Brand new shop/ office in Manchester I haven’t been able to visit there yet- so no pictures as yet I’m afraid!

Right better be off- got lots of things to do, like getting orders in- the convention has made the Keswick shop rather busy the last few days!!

Just one last note- this is NOT the Bag Shop’s website so please dont try to place orders on my blog! got to the website at the top of the page and you can place your orders there! 🙂 thanks! x

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Exams bring out the worse….

I feel sick, I’m shaking and I feel like giving up… and that’s not the exams that are making me feel this way- which makes it all the worse. Not only do I have to battle with what I find really hard exams, but I’m having to do it alone.
It’s my first full year at uni- last time I only made it just past Christmas. This year I got to the summer term- I’m so proud of that, but I’m finding facing this exam period hell. Last Monday after my first exam I decided I’d had enough of uni- just over 2 weeks away and I was more than ready to come home again, so I did. I’d cocked up at the weekend- my man had gone away to see some new friends, and I ended up getting in a big mess with him. Not good. Not right before my exams…not at any time for that matter, but being exam time made it worse. The pressure on me is so much greater- I’m super stressed and this just added to it.

My housemate hasn’t exactly helped. He has a habit of screaming and swearing at the top of his voice at his computer and his work- anything that remotely annoys him. Every time I jump and get on edge.
Today he even made me late for my exam-I was boiling my pasta 20mins before I had to leave- 10mins to cook, 10 mins to eat. I came back down stairs when I thought it would be ready to find it had been turned to the lowest setting possible- it wasn’t even boiling! The pasta was still hard too! He said that it was wasting energy if I had it on any higher- it would still cook just as quick on a lower setting- well it obviously didnt did it!!!
I couldnt believe this- he said that i was wasting energy cooking my pasta when he’d left the cooker on for over 1/2hr because he’d forgotten it was on, after he’d taken his food off! I had to turn it off for him only 10mins before!!! Anyway… I tried to turn my pasta up, but it didnt really work because we have a rubbish cooker- once you turn it down- you’ve had it, it wont turn up anymore. So I ended up bolting half cooked pasta and then running to my exam.

I digress…
Sometimes all you need to hear when your upset or stressed or worried is “I love you”. Sometimes hearing it from anyone will do, but other times you need to hear it from one person. Well that one person hasn’t said it properly for a week now, when it’s normal to hear it a couple of times a day- that makes you worried. Especially when you’ve messed up with them, your away so cant properly talk to them about it, and your horrendously stressed with being away, so that you turn every molehill into a mountain.
I have half an idea why it hasnt been said. I’ve tried my best to retify that problem, but it hasnt helped not even a bit! I feel like all my efforts (and they have been huge efforts for me even if it hasnt seemed like it to that person) are for nothing. They tell me to stop over thinking- but what can I do when I’m shut up in a room on my own with only text books and notes for company! Revision doesnt distract me! I’m trying- but it really is so difficult when I’m given no reason to believe anything will get any better.

Oh I just want to go home. I want to fix everything, make it better again. I cant do well if I feel like crying every minute, and I have to choke back tears before I say anything to anyone.

Half of me says- just go on regardless. You’ve made it this far, it’s only 7 days, 4 exams till you get to go home again.
The other half says- why bother, the things that are really important to you are falling around your ankles, if you are failing at life- why bother trying to do uni. Go home now.

-big breath and a moment to reflect-

As much as I dont want to, as much as I want to just fall to pieces, I dont think I can risk it. If I do- I really will lose everything I’ve worked for. Worked REALLY hard for. Not just academically.

These exams have brought the worse back out of me. They have made me feel like I did over a year ago, and it hurts SO much. But that’s just why I’m going to have to fight it. I got out of that situation by hard work- all be it with family around me supporting me… I can do it again, this time on my own. I have to. These exams will show the best of me- maybe not academically this time around, but mentally. I will get through this, and when it’s over, and everything is back to rights- I will wonder what all the fuss was about. I can tell it’s not going to be easy though, but I’m going to give it all I’ve got!

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