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Part Four: Lecture note writing for easy revision

When I was in year 10 we started getting told to buy revision guides for the GCSE exams, so it was no surprise when my physics teacher told us about the “best revision guide ever” with examples, practice calculations (with hints) and core facts laid out in a way that we would all understand. Our whole class wanted to order one of these revision guides thinking this would be a clean ticket to a good grade… and then our teacher said “well you can all have one for free”. At this point I thought, wait, where’s the catch??! The teacher then said to get one of these guides you have to take good notes because our notes would be the revision guide.

That really hit me. So simple but so very important! I still used the revision guides that you could buy but when you get to Uni you won’t have  those CGP revision guides you could get at G.C.S.E and A-level as unfortunately university courses are often too specific to the university for these sorts of things to be made. If you’re lucky and do a common course such as law or medicine there may be text book which might as well be a revision guide with practically everything you need to know for an exam in it. The other ideal situation is where a tutor bases the course on a particular text book however this isn’t often the case- at least in my course it isn’t!

This means that the notes you take and are (sometimes) given are your most important reference.

So how to make this “best revision guide ever”? Well let me show you some hints and tips that I wish I knew at the start of my 4 year course!

1)      Write neatly… or at least legibly. You’re not writing things down for writings sake! You will need to be able to read what you have written possibly months later so it helps if the notes you make in your lectures are legible.

a)       If you’re doing an arts or humanities course and are good at typing I suggest you bring a laptop into your lectures because tutors can talk very fast.

b)      If you’re doing a science/engineering based course and there are maths examples, try to make sure you get all the parts of the equations written down along with a topic title so you can look up the method later

2)      If the lecturer is showing you an example using a particular method, it may be wise to think how the method is applied to the example and write that down instead of the example itself. Let’s say he is showing you how to do long division. Rather than copying the question and the answer you write down pointers to how he did it- there is nothing more frustrating than looking at examples you understood in class but when you look back you can’t remember how it was done!!!

3)      Highlight key words and make sure they are spelled correctly! This enables you to pick out the important stuff when you are scanning over the notes later. Coloured pens and use of capitals are also good

4)      Keep them organised. Write the date on the top of each page you use and number the page at the bottom.  Do this for the notes or screenprints they give you too. Heaven forbid you drop your file full of notes, but should you do this, at least it will be straightforward to putting them back in the right order! Try to file your notes as soon as possible so you don’t lose an odd sheet.

5)      Mark points that you didn’t understand, missed or didn’t finish writing down. I’ve seen some peoples notes where the whole page is full of unfinished sentences and question marks with no reference to go back and ask about. Make sure you know what it was you didn’t get, and sort it out asap. Ask a friend, lecturer or tutor but don’t just leave it!

6)      Use a digital recorder. If you have one that can leave indexes all the better as it allows you to place a marker at a key point/ at a piece you missed or didn’t have time to write down during the lecture. If your recording device (eg an iphone) doesn’t allow markers then just write the time down in the margin at the point where you’re getting lost or think it’s good to have a listen to a key point again later.  Don’t forget to replay the recordings at the points you need to go back to and fill in extra info.

Well I hope these points are useful and you try them out! Last but not least… there is no point having the best revision guide ever if you don’t use it- so don’t forget to use your notes to revise from and review them regularly!!

Happy note-taking!

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January went so fast this year.
The first week was spent trying to do homework and sorting a few things out around the house before going back to uni for the new term.
The second week was spent celebrating my birthday first with friends then with my family and finally with my boyfriend on the weekend. That whole week back at uni was a bit of a blur and I didn’t managed to get my bag unpacked or much work done, which was a bit of a pain as the following Tuesday I had a deadline to meet!
After that first deadline of the term I spent the rest of the third week trying to get myself into the uni work life frame of mind and that was hard! I think I finally managed to get unpacked but work wise it was a bit of a failure because one of my group projects took a sudden (although anticipated) nose dive and so I couldn’t really concentrate on my assignments. Plus it snowed hard, and I wanted to spend my time looking out the window more than I did work! I decided not to worry about them and save them for the weekend when I thought I’d have more time for them, but that weekend came and passed and no assignments were finished.
The following week I finally managed to get my head and I worked every free minute I had so I could enjoy the weekend. I was supposed to be going home to help my boyfriend do the wallpapering, but unfortunately his friend’s car got stuck in the snow so I didn’t manage to get that done. I did make a huge lemon tray bake and also cooked the best lasagne I’ve ever made so he was still a happy boy despite the lack of wallpaper! As we finally had a new bed (so much better than the futon we were sleeping on) we spent a lot of time sitting in bed indulging in relaxation time! So much so when Sunday evening came around I really really didn’t want to go back to uni (when do I ever?) so I stayed an extra night and travelled back in the morning. Making that next week a short one.
On the Tuesday, two major (well they were major in effort, not so much in marks) assignments were handed in and I feel so much freer for it! All be it freer to work on the group projects that seemed to be falling around my ankles.
This last weekend I made another trip home, again in hope to do the living room wallpaper but again it didn’t get done! Getting a bit frustrated with that and the fella said that he would be able to get on with it more when I was gone because I wouldn’t be a hindrance anymore! I got a bit grumpy at him for saying that because in actual fact that weekend I had been trying my hardest to clean the house for him (no benefit to me because I won’t be there during the week!), get him new curtains and poles because he was complaining about the light at night in the bedroom (again doesn’t bother me), so that he could get on with his sorting out his car.
So hopefully with me not around this next week, he will do the wallpapering and painting of the living room?? Haha, I don’t hold out too much hope for that.
With being so far behind with the group work, and having a particularly busy week with extra tutorials and lectures because lecturers were unavailable last term I’ve resorted to making a timetable to try and get on top of my work, while still doing the ‘life’ things I need/want to do, such as writing thank you letters and going swimming! Hopefully February will be more productive and less rushed than January?

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GOSH Nail Glitter review

So I’ve got a red carpet event to go to tomorrow (It’s my boyfriend’s dad’s retirement party, but work with me here…) And I wanted to look glamorous (even though its going to be outside and not really warm enough to wear a floaty little number), so that for me means wearing something a bit sparkly and out of the ordinary to what I’d usually wear.

Recently I’ve discovered a big interest in nail polish so this ‘posh’ event was the perfect time to experiment with some glittery nail polish. I’d really wanted to get “birthday” by Deborah Lippmann, but it costs quite a lot and on a student budget, I don’t really have £14 to splash out on just one bottle of a confetti like glitter nail polish. The other glitter nail varnishes I’d seen in the shops are either not dense enough with the glitter particles, looking more like a clear varnish or they are in a foul colour. In any case you have to put many layers of the polish on if you want the nails to be evenly and fully covered. I did consider dipping my fingers in actual glitter at one point because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get the effect that I wanted with ordinary glitter polish!

However GOSH came to my rescue!! They have created a fine glitter for nails which is perfect for completely covering your nails in just one application! It comes in a little pot which you dip your nail in after a clear coat of nail varnish. You then just dust off the excess with a brush, then you’re done!

 I added a couple of coats of a clear nail polish over the top when I did it because I wasn’t sure if the glitter would come off, but in hindsight I don’t think I needed to do that, and the clear coats slightly dulled down then glittery effect which was a shame. Also because you a putting the topcoat over a rough surface, it sort of gets absorbed and doesn’t really make it glossy like it would do over a normal smooth nail polish. If you apply 3 coats of a top coat it starts to look glossy but seeing as I’m only going to be wearing this polish for a couple of days (need clear nails for work) it’s a bit OTT to put so many coats on.

glitter nails with glittery topcoat (from ASDA!)

One thing you have to make sure of when you’re using the nail glitter is to make sure the coat under the glitter is very thin or else the glitter clumps like a pre-school child has had a go at the craft table….

Something I’m keen to try when I get a chance is to paint a design on my nail and then dip the nail in the glitter so that only the design is glittery….

Has anyone else tried GOSH nail glitter before? What about the other colours? I cant wait to try the rose pink colour!

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Mini Update Post: The Last Day at the Good Bag Co!

Today feel s like it should be a sad day, as it’s my final proper day working in the good bag shops (at least for the foreseeable future!), but of course it can’t a sad day because the shop is such a happy place to work!
It’s a very exciting time for me this week, because as well as this being my last day (not that the word exciting should be used there…) tomorrow it’s my sister’s ninth birthday and also my boyfriend’s dad’s retirement party, then on Tuesday I start my summer placement with Technical Fibre Products! I’m sure I will post about my summer placement later when I know a bit more- at the moment I know it’s to do with fuel cells, but I can’t really say much more than that!


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Easter “Holidays”…

I finally finished my 2nd semester at uni last Friday. Such a relief to have handed in the work due in before the Easter vacation, and to have done 2 of my exams. I had a few days rest, not really doing anything uni work related, but now I’m realising I really dont have much time at all before this “holiday” is over, and it’s back to uni! Two weeks after I get back my exams will start. I need to revise NOW! So much for a holiday! I think my days will be mostly filled with either school work (I have 2 lab reports to do and 2 other pieces of coursework), revision and working in Good Bags of Grasmere!

I hope to see my boyfriend in the evenings, but I can tell now that I’m not going to have as much time as I hoped with him, partly due to me having to revise so much, and partly because he’s working pretty much every day. All this is going to leave very little time for blogging, baking and doing photography! *pulls very sad face*

However, I’ll try get at least one blog post done this holiday, as I’m going to Wales this afternoon- somewhere I’ve never actually been to before, although I’ve driven though it on the way to Hereford. I hope to share some pictures! Apparently the area we are going to is very beautiful, and as this weekend promises the best weather of the year so far (20 degrees C, and gorgeous sunshine!) I want to make the most of it! Having said that… in all reality I don’t actually want to go…
I know when I get there it will be nice.. but I’m really not in the mood, and I’ve got quite worked up about it! Can’t really tell my Mum though, as I know she’s really really looking forward to it, and would be upset if she knew. =/ So wish me some optimism about this trip!!


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Peculiar feelings and the inevitable changes…

I’ve been back at uni nearly a week now. I feel so different to what I’d imagined I’d feel; I thought I’d be terribly homesick… but I’m not. Yeah I miss home, but I’m not upset about it. It’s really rather liberating!

However today, I’ve been feeling a bit peculiar- a sort of lost feeling, as I’m not in the right body, or something like that.  I know it’s silly, but I think it’s because  I don’t feel good enough about myself and the way I look at the moment. I was quite stressed last week as I was ill (and was worrying about going back to uni/ not having done my work, which didn’t help!), and so my body decided to make me feel even worse by showing the signs of my stress physically.  I’ve been taking so many medical type treatments for these, but they haven’t seemed to help yet! Left me feeling rather worn down. Doesn’t matter if I dress up, it doesn’t cover the stress signs up!!! I’m sure things will sort themselves out eventually though!

On a more positive note this peculiar feeling I’ve had today, normally means a change in some way for me, often in the way I think about things- a positive change, So Im looking forward to that 😀 Hopefully it will be motivation to finish off my to-do list that I’ve had this week, and to start off my new routine/ be more organised!

Here’s to hoping that everyone has a better week, than the one they’ve just had! – even if your week was great!!


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The Good Bag Co. – Good Bags of Grasmere

PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR ORDERS THROUGH ME, IF THE SHOP WILL BE OPEN ON A CERTAIN DAY OR WHETHER THERE IS A PARTICULAR BAG IN STOCK!!!  I do not know the answers to these questions as I do not work for the goodbagco any more as I am in my 3rd year of uni. 

I would be grateful if you passed any questions you have (or words of thanks!) on to the great people of the good bag co. Please see the link below. Thanks!

In early summer this year, just before the May half-term bank holiday 2 very lovely, happy bubbly people from the Good Bag Co. opened thier first shop, in Grasmere (where Jumpers used to be), and I was so lucky to be employed by them! I thought seeing as it’s been such a big part of my summer, I should do a bit of a blog about them before I went away back to Uni. I hope they don’t mind! I’ve taken some cheeky shots inside the shop too!

First off… here’s their online shop on the website. THE GOOD BAG CO. You can order their fun, (and very useful) bags offline if you cant pop in and see us! But we are well worth the visit, I’ve been told that we are getting a mini golf course in the shop soon… you cant miss out on seeing that can you now!

Some of these first shots are from when I started working at the shop and as they had only just opened and started getting things sorted, are a little outdated, it looks alot better now!

First meet the resident dog, Salvo (so named as he was rescued from a Salvation Army Dogs Home!)

“feel free to wonder lonely, or as a crowd” General Bag Shop Shots now…

This mini sofa is soo GOOD!!! haha, I was told that they were getting in sofas for the Dads to sit on while the women looked around 😉 BUT when I first saw them I was shocked! they are child sized! Really cute, but I dont think any guy would be able to get out of the sofa and the chair because they are
a) so low down, and
b) not really for man sized backsides! LOL!

This dummie is modelling a lovely “grandma is good!!!” apron. They are new in! Put the dummie together myself *feels slightly proud*, I’ll have you know! 😀

How cool is our pink phone? It even matches the kid’s armchair perfectly! Goes with our “sexy pink” walls too! Do you knotice our ‘carpet’? It’s actually as-good-as-grass, fake grass in other words…I must be one of the only people in the world that gets to hoover grass indoors! 🙂

Now you can get a matching apron and waterproof-lined jute shopper bag together! That’s Mum’s/ Auntie’s/ Grandma’s present sorted out in one fell swoop! Great Price too! Aprons are £8.50 and the Large Bags are £4 each…(see below for special deals!)

Pre-shrunk means that it wont shrink all funny when you put it in the wash- it won’t shrink at all 🙂

The other day I had an idea to do a ‘bag of the week’. Last week it was ‘My little bag of sunshine’- cause we all need that in our rainy climate- was so appropriate too, as its waterproof lined! This week it was our smaller ‘chocolate is Soooo Good!’ bag.

There is a bigger version too!

So the special Deal I was talking about earlier was the “3 for £10” offer. Basically you can have any 3 bags (small or large) for £10… an absolute bargin in my opinion!

Loads of people come from all around the world to our shop (painted a bright pink outside) and take home the bags as presents for friends and family as there is a design to suit everyone. They are also really light(- great for packing in already buldging suitcases!), and affordable.

Some of the best selling designs when I’m about are…
Friends are good!
Mums are good!
Shoes are good!
Chocolate is sooo good!
Gardeners are good!
Shopping is good!
Dogs are good! (we also have cats, horses and ponies)
Witches are good! (seems a popular choice for neighbours who are house sitting!)
Nurses are good! (and nurses are bad! too!!!)
and My little Lunch bag…

Lastly before I end this blog, I’ll tell those of you who think that a shop cant exist just selling bags, I ask you why not? Shoe shops just sell shoes do they not? Why can a bag shop not exsist? Before this shop was opened my bosses had been selling these bags for several years and things have just exploded!

I hope that’s enough of an introduction to the shop… come in and see us!!!!


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