Back To School

Yesterday was my first day “back” at uni. I say “back” as I’ve actually been there all summer as I was doing a summer placement in my department in partnership with Rolls Royce, but now it is back to lectures, classes, tutorials and assignments.
I normally love the first week back at school. It’s so much easier than the rest of the year as you have no assignments hanging over you, and the lectures/ classes tend to be shorter as they are mainly just introductions to the course. I love the fresh start.
The last couple of days however I’ve felt a bit of a frantic mess! I’ve never had timetable clashes before or any options in the subjects I have to study, so I’ve had a few big decisions to make and loads of chasing up/ sorting out to do trying to get my timetable sorted.
It hasn’t exactly helped that I’ve had cold on top of cold and been ill in other ways too. Today I resorted to a lemon and maple syrup drink with added cinnamon to try and help me feel a bit better. Magic stuff is cinnamon- the number of amazing properties it has to it really surprises me and I’m determined to incorporate more of it into my diet. I’ve also started taking my vitamin tablets again as I want to be as healthy as possible this year because last year I seemed to be constantly ill and it made me even more miserable than I was already with the workload and group work problems I had! What things do you do to keep illnesses away?


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