GOSH Nail Glitter review

So I’ve got a red carpet event to go to tomorrow (It’s my boyfriend’s dad’s retirement party, but work with me here…) And I wanted to look glamorous (even though its going to be outside and not really warm enough to wear a floaty little number), so that for me means wearing something a bit sparkly and out of the ordinary to what I’d usually wear.

Recently I’ve discovered a big interest in nail polish so this ‘posh’ event was the perfect time to experiment with some glittery nail polish. I’d really wanted to get “birthday” by Deborah Lippmann, but it costs quite a lot and on a student budget, I don’t really have £14 to splash out on just one bottle of a confetti like glitter nail polish. The other glitter nail varnishes I’d seen in the shops are either not dense enough with the glitter particles, looking more like a clear varnish or they are in a foul colour. In any case you have to put many layers of the polish on if you want the nails to be evenly and fully covered. I did consider dipping my fingers in actual glitter at one point because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get the effect that I wanted with ordinary glitter polish!

However GOSH came to my rescue!! They have created a fine glitter for nails which is perfect for completely covering your nails in just one application! It comes in a little pot which you dip your nail in after a clear coat of nail varnish. You then just dust off the excess with a brush, then you’re done!

 I added a couple of coats of a clear nail polish over the top when I did it because I wasn’t sure if the glitter would come off, but in hindsight I don’t think I needed to do that, and the clear coats slightly dulled down then glittery effect which was a shame. Also because you a putting the topcoat over a rough surface, it sort of gets absorbed and doesn’t really make it glossy like it would do over a normal smooth nail polish. If you apply 3 coats of a top coat it starts to look glossy but seeing as I’m only going to be wearing this polish for a couple of days (need clear nails for work) it’s a bit OTT to put so many coats on.

glitter nails with glittery topcoat (from ASDA!)

One thing you have to make sure of when you’re using the nail glitter is to make sure the coat under the glitter is very thin or else the glitter clumps like a pre-school child has had a go at the craft table….

Something I’m keen to try when I get a chance is to paint a design on my nail and then dip the nail in the glitter so that only the design is glittery….

Has anyone else tried GOSH nail glitter before? What about the other colours? I cant wait to try the rose pink colour!


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