Keswick Bag shop

Since my last post about the Good Bag co there have been a lot of updates which I should have blogged about! For example there are 3 shops now, and the range of bags has been extended even further and there are even cards with some of the designs on them too! I’ve also created a facebook page for the good bag company -so be sure to check it out and like it here for news and updates!

The Keswick branch of the Good Bag shops has been up and running since last October and is situated just off the roundabout on Main Street.

Sorry for only having the one picture of the Keswick shop- I haven’t got around to taking more- and the buckets of rain we’ve had the last couple of day when I’ve been in the shop haven’t helped me get inspired to take any!

I’ll try and get some pictures of the cards tomorrow when I’m in the Grasmere shop. As for the Brand new shop/ office in Manchester I haven’t been able to visit there yet- so no pictures as yet I’m afraid!

Right better be off- got lots of things to do, like getting orders in- the convention has made the Keswick shop rather busy the last few days!!

Just one last note- this is NOT the Bag Shop’s website so please dont try to place orders on my blog! got to the website at the top of the page and you can place your orders there! 🙂 thanks! x


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