Easter “Holidays”…

I finally finished my 2nd semester at uni last Friday. Such a relief to have handed in the work due in before the Easter vacation, and to have done 2 of my exams. I had a few days rest, not really doing anything uni work related, but now I’m realising I really dont have much time at all before this “holiday” is over, and it’s back to uni! Two weeks after I get back my exams will start. I need to revise NOW! So much for a holiday! I think my days will be mostly filled with either school work (I have 2 lab reports to do and 2 other pieces of coursework), revision and working in Good Bags of Grasmere!

I hope to see my boyfriend in the evenings, but I can tell now that I’m not going to have as much time as I hoped with him, partly due to me having to revise so much, and partly because he’s working pretty much every day. All this is going to leave very little time for blogging, baking and doing photography! *pulls very sad face*

However, I’ll try get at least one blog post done this holiday, as I’m going to Wales this afternoon- somewhere I’ve never actually been to before, although I’ve driven though it on the way to Hereford. I hope to share some pictures! Apparently the area we are going to is very beautiful, and as this weekend promises the best weather of the year so far (20 degrees C, and gorgeous sunshine!) I want to make the most of it! Having said that… in all reality I don’t actually want to go…
I know when I get there it will be nice.. but I’m really not in the mood, and I’ve got quite worked up about it! Can’t really tell my Mum though, as I know she’s really really looking forward to it, and would be upset if she knew. =/ So wish me some optimism about this trip!!



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