Deadlines, exams, assignments and more assignments…

This week has been a funny one. I know I must be feeling stressed with all the work I’ve got on,  as I’ve been fine one minute and crying in despair the next! Over the next 2 weeks I have got to do 8 assignments and 2 exams. 4 assignments aren’t officially due till after the Easter ‘holidays’ (holidays- ha! yeah right!) but they need you to use specialist software (that I cant find my copy of)/ and get help from tutors which will not be available during the break, so you pretty much HAVE to do them before! 1 assignment hasn’t been handed out yet, and 2 were only handed out this week- both due on the same day!

What frustrates myself and the other 3 people on the course is that the departments in our uni don’t talk to each other properly so we often find that we are set work which is all due on the same day, they don’t realise that the people who bridge across 2 departments could possibly have a large work load from the other department! At the moment this has resulted in 4 large pieces of coursework all due on Tuesday 29th March!

I’m trying to get those particular pieces of work out of the way as quickly as possible, I don’t want to end up having large parts of all of them to do on the Monday night! However this is made tricky as I cant concentrate on them because I have an exam on  Tuesday- which covers all the work done, done in the past semester in one of my modules(- the hardest module!) and I am totally unprepared for it!

At times, I feel like this huge amount of work could be achievable if I plan my time correctly… time management isn’t one of my best attributes at the moment but I’m learning fast (I don’t have a choice not to!). Other times, normally when I’ve been at something for hours , but haven’t seemed to achieved very much at all;  I feel totally overwhelmed and want to back down, but have no corner in which to do so- as they are all filled with piles of papers relating to assignments/ revision!

As a sort of break from the work I’m going out, on a night out, for the first time this term, tomorrow! Half of me says I really shouldn’t, as it’s valuable time that I could be revising or working in, but I don’t think realistically I’d actually achieve anything between 9pm-2am would I? Also it will mean that I’ll lose out on my most productive time of day- the morning, as I catch up on the night’s missed sleep! But I’m really looking forward to going out, as going to FAB- in the guild (our uni’s version of a SU) is one of the things on my “wish list of things to do this year”.  Talking of which that’s a post I want to do (at a later date of course). I have lots of different wish lists of goals I want to achieve- in the academic year, the calendar year, and my life.  But I’ll leave that for another time as I really have to get back to my assignment on Zirconia…



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