The long weekend: Part 1

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for the last week, but for one reason or another I wasn’t able to get around to it till now. Actually I shouldn’t be doing it now either! I should be writing up the lab report I didn’t get around to doing at the weekend, but hey, it’s not like it’s due till the 6th of May, it can wait a day right?

As this post has turned out to be rather lengthy to say the least, I’m going to turn it into 2 posts 😛


I went home the weekend before last  to see my family and my boyfriend, as I try to do every second weekend during the term. Normally I don’t get home till around lunchtime on the Saturday, and work from 10am-4pm on the Sunday before returning to Uni in the evening, so it ends up being a very short weekend home. However this weekend I didn’t have work, and travelled home on the Friday evening so relatively speaking I had a ‘long weekend’ away!

I had a pretty stressful week prior to going away as I had a maths test last thing on a Friday afternoon, and had alot of revision to do, which I had to fit around labs that I’d forgotten about!

I was really happy when my friend from school rang me up on the Friday afternoon and said that she was picking her sister up from the station in town and would I like to meet up with her- de stress with some shopping before catching the train? Errr yes please! Although I didn’t manage to get the bracelet chain I’d wanted to get while there, it was really nice to see my friend and her sister who I’d never met before. 🙂 Then on the train I saw a boy from my secondary school who I knew so spent the journey with him catching up with news of what everyone was doing since I’d last saw them before Christmas.

On the Saturday my parents had planned a surprise for my sister, and had instructed my boyfriend and I NOT to tell my sister what we were doing. My sister did have suspicions that we might be going to the zoo, so we told her IF we were going there it would only to lock her up with the naughty monkeys (where she belongs! 😉 ) or to give the hungry tigers some food; while we went on the surprise trip out!

Although my sister is 8 she still cant read properly because she is very dyslexic so when I was texting a friend in the car I didn’t think to cover up what I was writing so she couldn’t see. Oh boy, was that a mistake! She read what I wrote, word for word “…I’m going to the zoo now though”.  Because I was so surprised that she had read what I’d written, I praised her lots, not realising that unintentionally I was also praising her for discovering where we were going! Totally spoilt the surprise but she was thrilled non the less!


We stopped off in the sweet town of Ulverston on the way where we had fish and chips and looked at the market for a little while. If I’d been going home (back to Brum) that day, I would have bought lots of yummy things to eat from the market!  There were some really scrummy looking cakes I’d have liked to have bought, even though I know I could have made them myself.

I won’t say too much about the zoo as I’ve already blogged about the time that we went for my sister’s birthday in the summer, but there were 2 things that really stuck out that I have to say about this trip. Firstly, the giraffes! I know they are tall- I’ve seen them before, but I’ve never been under them- WOW! Their heads are HUGE!!!! These pictures really don’t do them any justice at all!

Secondly was that my sister found a £10 note on the floor! Lucky thing! I guess someone else lost out though! Mum said she didn’t deserve it however as she had been really apathetic the whole time while we were at the zoo, not being bothered by anything and just having a grumpy face the whole time! She was allowed to keep the money though, and she bought a small stuffed  (toy) penguin for an overpriced amount, leaving her very little change.  😛

Final picture to end this post- how amazing are these peacock’s feathers? I love this picture I took 🙂


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