Long weekend: Part 2

[In continuation to my last long post!]

In the evening (Saturday) my boyfriend and I met a friend, Jack for a Thai meal at the Star of Siam. Jack was really worried that he’d end up being a ‘third wheel’, but in the end I was the ‘3rd wheel’ as for most of the time I didn’t really understand what they were talking about, so just sat quiet eating my green curry (which was excellent as usual!).

When we got back my boyfriend’s parents got my boyfriend to show me their wedding album. It’s amazing how much more things cost now than they did then!  I love the way things were worded in the 80s too. The modern then is now retro, but again it’s in fashion still!

Talking of retro things being rather cool, on Sunday I went to see my boyfriends next project to be a Jiffy!
According to him, there were only 70 of them made, and they’re a pick-up truck on a mini chassis. So cute! Needs a lot of work doing to it, but I reckon he’s more than capable!  If you want you can take a look at his blog 🙂 He’s new to wordpress, well blogging in general actually, but he’s got a great writing style!

While he was checking the pick-up out, i wondered off to do some random photography. We were supposed to go and do some photography with Chris, another friend of ours later on so I thought I better get in some practice after not really using a camera for months!

As it was I needn’t have bothered bringing all my big camera equipment because we didn’t do any serious photography in the end, instead we caught up in Costa, a nice way to round off my busy weekend!

I hope this wasn’t  too much for everyone to read 😉 I will try to get a couple of posts done in the next couple of weeks… Without too many words in!




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