Peculiar feelings and the inevitable changes…

I’ve been back at uni nearly a week now. I feel so different to what I’d imagined I’d feel; I thought I’d be terribly homesick… but I’m not. Yeah I miss home, but I’m not upset about it. It’s really rather liberating!

However today, I’ve been feeling a bit peculiar- a sort of lost feeling, as I’m not in the right body, or something like that.  I know it’s silly, but I think it’s because  I don’t feel good enough about myself and the way I look at the moment. I was quite stressed last week as I was ill (and was worrying about going back to uni/ not having done my work, which didn’t help!), and so my body decided to make me feel even worse by showing the signs of my stress physically.  I’ve been taking so many medical type treatments for these, but they haven’t seemed to help yet! Left me feeling rather worn down. Doesn’t matter if I dress up, it doesn’t cover the stress signs up!!! I’m sure things will sort themselves out eventually though!

On a more positive note this peculiar feeling I’ve had today, normally means a change in some way for me, often in the way I think about things- a positive change, So Im looking forward to that 😀 Hopefully it will be motivation to finish off my to-do list that I’ve had this week, and to start off my new routine/ be more organised!

Here’s to hoping that everyone has a better week, than the one they’ve just had! – even if your week was great!!



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