Back to Reality- and Uni

Well I’m back to Uni now, all my holiday assignments are in, and I’m left feeling rather empty with nothing to fill my time with tonight. In all reality there is a lot I could (and should) do. Like unpacking for example… but that is just making the reality that I’m back, and staying back, more real. Not that I really consider staying at uni again a bad thing, I’m actually really proud of myself for staying!

Last year there was no way I could stay any longer, but not only have I managed the whole of the first term… I’ve started the second and all that is up is I’m missing home, my family and boyfriend. Not that bad compared with this time last year! I’m sure that in a few days I will have got used to the normal term time routine, and will feel my normal self again!

In order to keep the homesickness at bay, I’m trying to keep really busy- but with things I enjoy, as the lectures and school commitments don’t really start full on till next week. Yesterday I made fudge (which didn’t go quite to plan admittedly!), and started growing cress… maybe not the most exciting thing to grow, but at least you don’t have to wait ages for the results! It’s a great mini green fingered activity for kids (and big ones too!), that can be done anywhere- I’m doing mine on the windowsill in my bedroom in a tea-light holder! I’ll blog on it later when they have grown and I have all the pictures, I even have a printable I made to go with it! 🙂

Today I enjoyed cooking and tidying in the kitchen, and have talked to my friends on the phone and on skype, which really cheered me up after feeling a bit low! I also bought train tickets for tomorrow! I’m going to Coventry to go to IKEA. I love going to IKEA, and I need some boxes to organise my food things, so I have my excuse to go! Might also pop into Hobbycraft to get a little bit of fabric to make some presents with.  I cant wait to get crafty, once I’ve unpacked and tidied my room that is! When the term gets going I’m not sure how much time I will have to craft, although if I’m organised enough I should be fine… I’ll have to take the opportunity now, just in case!

Right… better go and unpack in that case!


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