The Good Bag Co. – Good Bags of Grasmere

PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR ORDERS THROUGH ME, IF THE SHOP WILL BE OPEN ON A CERTAIN DAY OR WHETHER THERE IS A PARTICULAR BAG IN STOCK!!!  I do not know the answers to these questions as I do not work for the goodbagco any more as I am in my 3rd year of uni. 

I would be grateful if you passed any questions you have (or words of thanks!) on to the great people of the good bag co. Please see the link below. Thanks!

In early summer this year, just before the May half-term bank holiday 2 very lovely, happy bubbly people from the Good Bag Co. opened thier first shop, in Grasmere (where Jumpers used to be), and I was so lucky to be employed by them! I thought seeing as it’s been such a big part of my summer, I should do a bit of a blog about them before I went away back to Uni. I hope they don’t mind! I’ve taken some cheeky shots inside the shop too!

First off… here’s their online shop on the website. THE GOOD BAG CO. You can order their fun, (and very useful) bags offline if you cant pop in and see us! But we are well worth the visit, I’ve been told that we are getting a mini golf course in the shop soon… you cant miss out on seeing that can you now!

Some of these first shots are from when I started working at the shop and as they had only just opened and started getting things sorted, are a little outdated, it looks alot better now!

First meet the resident dog, Salvo (so named as he was rescued from a Salvation Army Dogs Home!)

“feel free to wonder lonely, or as a crowd” General Bag Shop Shots now…

This mini sofa is soo GOOD!!! haha, I was told that they were getting in sofas for the Dads to sit on while the women looked around 😉 BUT when I first saw them I was shocked! they are child sized! Really cute, but I dont think any guy would be able to get out of the sofa and the chair because they are
a) so low down, and
b) not really for man sized backsides! LOL!

This dummie is modelling a lovely “grandma is good!!!” apron. They are new in! Put the dummie together myself *feels slightly proud*, I’ll have you know! 😀

How cool is our pink phone? It even matches the kid’s armchair perfectly! Goes with our “sexy pink” walls too! Do you knotice our ‘carpet’? It’s actually as-good-as-grass, fake grass in other words…I must be one of the only people in the world that gets to hoover grass indoors! 🙂

Now you can get a matching apron and waterproof-lined jute shopper bag together! That’s Mum’s/ Auntie’s/ Grandma’s present sorted out in one fell swoop! Great Price too! Aprons are £8.50 and the Large Bags are £4 each…(see below for special deals!)

Pre-shrunk means that it wont shrink all funny when you put it in the wash- it won’t shrink at all 🙂

The other day I had an idea to do a ‘bag of the week’. Last week it was ‘My little bag of sunshine’- cause we all need that in our rainy climate- was so appropriate too, as its waterproof lined! This week it was our smaller ‘chocolate is Soooo Good!’ bag.

There is a bigger version too!

So the special Deal I was talking about earlier was the “3 for £10” offer. Basically you can have any 3 bags (small or large) for £10… an absolute bargin in my opinion!

Loads of people come from all around the world to our shop (painted a bright pink outside) and take home the bags as presents for friends and family as there is a design to suit everyone. They are also really light(- great for packing in already buldging suitcases!), and affordable.

Some of the best selling designs when I’m about are…
Friends are good!
Mums are good!
Shoes are good!
Chocolate is sooo good!
Gardeners are good!
Shopping is good!
Dogs are good! (we also have cats, horses and ponies)
Witches are good! (seems a popular choice for neighbours who are house sitting!)
Nurses are good! (and nurses are bad! too!!!)
and My little Lunch bag…

Lastly before I end this blog, I’ll tell those of you who think that a shop cant exist just selling bags, I ask you why not? Shoe shops just sell shoes do they not? Why can a bag shop not exsist? Before this shop was opened my bosses had been selling these bags for several years and things have just exploded!

I hope that’s enough of an introduction to the shop… come in and see us!!!!



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8 responses to “The Good Bag Co. – Good Bags of Grasmere

  1. Di Beattie

    I love all your bags…..I bought some back to Australia as gifts, everyone loves them, I may have to buy some more and get them sent over here…..I didn’t see any beer is good though, thanks from Di

    • zoerawr

      Thank you for your comment! Just for your information-This isn’t actually the website of the good bag co! I’m just a girl who works their part time! But I’m glad everyone loved the bags, and no, at the moment there is no “beer is good”! Sorry!!!

  2. alison muir

    I saw your shop in Lancashire Life,hope you got copy I sent
    Enjoyed my visit will come again can I order via telephone ot keen on giving bank details on line, any chance of a phone number for the pink phone?

    • zoerawr

      this is not the bag shop’s website!!! Please ask on their comments/ email on their website as I dont know the answer!!!! Thanks

  3. Margaret

    Loved your blog! Is the Good Bag Sholp in Grasmere olpen today Saturday 11th Feb/12
    I desperately need a “good bag” for our neightbours and am quite prepared to chase over to Grasmere from here in Manchester to buy one today?

    • zoerawr

      Hi, thanks for your comment, just to let you know, this blog is NOT run by the good bag co, so I might not have quite up to date info as I don’t work for them often now I’m at uni. However I think the Grasmere shop is closed today, but if your in Manchester, why don’t you visit the Manchester shop? It’s on beech rd in chalton. Or you can order online, if you order today (11th feb)you’d probably have the bag by Monday or Tuesday!!
      However if your really desperate to come to Grasmere I could probably hunt down the Grasmere shop keys and come in if you told me what time you where coming, or you could visit the Keswick shop- I think they are open on weekends! Why not ring the good bag co and ask them? The number is on their website. Don’t be put off if they don’t pick the phone up- they are very busy but do listen to the messages and often pick the phone up halfway through.
      Hope this helps x

  4. Hilary Holden

    I have just had my birthday gifts from my Sister and Brother-in-Law…lots of goodies. One was The bag..Shoes are good… I am so impressed with it I am making a trip to Grasmere to purchase many of them for Christmas gifts. They are so useful, light and a great to post abroad.
    Congratuations to you all at The Bag Shop in Grasmere.
    Hilary Holden Lytham, Lancashire.

  5. Karen

    hi not sure if you can help me im desprate to get hold of the little chocolate bag ive tried the website and there sold out and i was wondering if i could get one of you ?( if you have any that is) but through the post not sure if this is possable.

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