Wildlife Park Birthday Visit

I went, with my family, to a wildlife park (AKA zoo) today as a special treat for my little sister who turned 8 the other day. Thought I’d share some pictures I took with my ‘baby’ camera.

I have funny conflicting thoughts about zoos etc. Half of me thinks it’s totally wrong keeping wild animals such as bears and rhinos in enclosed spaces, but on the other hand I know that it’s quite essential for conservation work. This is because exotic wildlife attracts visitors which will pay money (some of which is contributed to conservation of these endangered species) to see them. This money can then be used for whatever endangered species not just the ‘main’ ones ppl go to see such as the lions and tigers etc, but those main animals are needed as that is what attracts the people in the first place. complicated no?

These guys ran free pretty much all over the park, but you couldnt feed or touch them even though they would happily walk over you!

These are my mum’s favourite animals- this one has got it’s head stuck on it’s friends leg!

This tiny guy was sun bathing flat out, and pulled the funniest expressions ever! This was one of the best, but he kept sticking his tounge out too 😛


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