Tidying up

Having just found out that I can write my blog on the go when not online and the publish it later, using my iPod app; I thought I’d write about what my mother said to my sister this morning. It amused me alot becuase I know alot of kids do this.

My little sister (8 next week!) has a rather interesting style of tidying up… to ‘tidy’ she stuffs everything under her bed or into cupboards and drawers all mixed up. So she has socks with books and most likely a dozen hair clips and some pencil crayons all in a draw together. This drives my mum crazy because my sister is then always asking her where her things are!

As our house is now on the market our house and bedrooms have to be super tidy constantly… Well, they are supposed to be! (NOTE TO SELF: Must tidy my room and chuck my stuff out! Haha) Mum has chucked out alot of the things my sister never uses anymore which kinda has made her room tidier, but for the remaining things, she wants my sister to keep them sorted out & tidy so when she wants things she can find them and they aren’t all over the place!

So this morning Mum said my sister “Right this morning I’m going to give you a lesson on tidying up, and once i’ve done that I expect you to keep your room that way!”

Well… we’ll see how that goes!


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