Farm in the heart of the English Lake District for sale!

It’s not a great picture but this is my family’s farm, where I have lived for my entire life is up for sale as from today onwards. This means that both the businesses (hostel and holiday cottages) and our house (along with the barns and farmland) are also for sale.

My mum is pleased as it’s taken ages to get to this point, and she is ready to move. Although I dont mind moving as much as I would have done say, 2yrs ago, the thought of it now happening doesnt exactly please me as Ive always lived here, and when my family moves, it’s not going to be in the lake district… more like Cotswolds at the moment. I’m not that fond of the Cotswolds; it’s away from my friends who I’ve known since I was a baby.

Maybe it is selfish of me, but I’m really against moving far away, even though I fully understand my parents reasons for wanting to do so. I just know that I wont want to spend as much time with them though if they move far away from my friends as I will be wanting to see my friends more, and my ‘home’, rather than them.

Oh idk… we shall see how things go, after all, it’s not that likely that someone will decide they want our place in just 2 weeks of it being on the market or something, more likely to be 1yr, or maybe 2. Just got to make the most of living here now!


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