iPod Apps- WordPress

I have many useful apps on my iPod touch that I use daily, such as Twitter and facebook, but never thought about having a wordpress one till the other day while I was using the facebook app to check the newsfeed. I stumbled upon a post about my friends wordpress blog, which reminded me just how long ago it was since I last posted!

‘remember to blog!!’ has been on nearly every to-do list I’ve had on the last few months, however I have never been bothered to go sign in and write, even though I’ve thought of plenty to write about!

When I didn’t have a facebook app I never used to use facebook which annoyed some of my friends. I thought that maybe if there was a wordpress app, maybe I’d remember to blog then! So I checked it out and sure enough there was a app for blogging (as they say there is an app for everything) so here I am, remembering to blog.

Thanks apple 🙂


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