I’ve had rather alot of massive changes going on in my life the last few mths and havent really felt like blogging, not that I had the time or the energy to anyway! sorry >_<

Anyway, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures I've taken recently…

Taken by Zoe

These I took for my photography course (BTEC level 2). That’s it for now 😛



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2 responses to “Photos…

  1. Love these! Especially the second one…is that a real board or a fingerboard? I seriously can’t tell!

    • zoerawr

      Thanks 🙂
      I’m suprised to get a comment so fast after mths of not posting anything!

      Yeah it’s a fingerboard, but i tried to make it look like a real skateboard. I love playing about with things making them look bigger and smaller than they acutally are- I’d love a tilt and shift lens for this, but too expensive for me at £1500!

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