QuickPress- Snow!

It’s snowing loads again today, it wasnt supposed to though, not according to the weather forcasts. 😛 Best of all it’s propper snow, like feathers falling from heaven that is sorta wet so you can actually make good snowballs and snowmen out of it. When I was younger I used to say it was “god plucking his christmas chicken” haha.

I’ve been out in the snow already and taken a few pictures, but my memory card filled up very quickly becuase I already had about 1000 photos on it already(family holiday and christmas)! Maybe I should have invested in another memory card but I couldnt ever see me filling it when I got it- 4GB seemed an awful lot of space!
Anyway I downloaded the new photos and then deleted all the pictures on the card so that I have a clean card to work with :).

That cat always runs towards me when I attempt to take a photo of her… although it’s very cute its also really annoying!

I’ve got a fair bit to do today to get ready for going back to Birmingham on Saturday. Today I want to order my petticoat for my party dress and some magnetic craft strip off Ebay, I want to write my thank you letters from my birthday… and christmas *cringe*. I know I should have written them ages ago. 😦 Also I want to start packing, or at least sorting out what stuff I want to take back down to Brum.

Right I think that’s all for now. ciao 🙂


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