Results Day

This day didnt turn out like I’d expected for sure!

I woke up and turned on my laptop with the intention of going onto UCAS and looking at the clearning places that they published at 1am, so I signed into track (half hoping that they haddent updated the system yet).
The welcome screen appeared so I clicked the “choices” button to look to see if they had changed my status from conditional to unconditional on my chosen uni choices. Part of me was screaming “no, dont do it, I dont want to know!” but by then it was too late haha. But before the page loaded the word “congratulations” in bold caught my eye…
UCAS confirmation I’d Got In!!!!

After that I wasnt worried about my results so I chilled out rather than getting ready to go get my results 🙂

When I did get my results I got:
Environmental Science   A
Physics                                    B
General Studies AS             B
General Studies Alevel     B

Which meant I’ve also got my scholarship of £2000 this year 🙂   (I hope!)

So there we are… nothing to worry about ey?

Some of my friends got straight As and that means they’ve got into the top Universities in the country, and to be fair they really did work so hard and they deserve it. Well done Adam for getting into Oxford!!! hehe

Other friends didnt do so well and didnt get into Uni. In some ways I do feel sorry for them, their dreams have been shattered…. but on the other hand, I was there when they said that they didnt need to revise, that they would just fly through the exams, when they were only just getting passes in their mock results. They decided that they wouldnt work for the very high goals they’ed set themselves. So tough s**t. lol.

Tonight my bf came over and we celebrated our sucesses ( he got some mighty fine results too in his ASs) with a chinese takeaway 🙂

I think I’ll have added back all those pounds I’d tried to loose by walking more this summer, by eating that one meal! haha

I hope everyone else who had thier results back today has at least learnt something for it! Good or bad!


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