Results Day Eve

It’s the big day tomorrow. Finally after hording our results over the summer we get to find out if our dreams have been taken to another level, or just left crushed.
I hate results day. It seems really unfair to me, to let other students taking other exams such as the IB know whether they have a place at uni before us.

I really dont know what to feel about my results. I’ve worked myself up for going to B’ham Uni all summer, while all along trying to get myself to think that I’ve done really badly so that if I dont get in, I dont feel so bad… so like I feel that I knew I was going to fail so it isnt a big shock or a big deal. But it’s really not worked that last bit. Its got to the point where I’m too worked up about going to uni that if I dont get in, I’m gunna be really dissapointed. Not because the other options I’ve got lined up are bad (infact I’d really like to do them this year before I go to uni, if uni fees werent going up and I knew that I wouldnt forget my maths and physics) but because I dont know if I’d get another chance at applying for the same courses, it’s too stressful for my liking!

But being truthfull with myself- that’s nto putting myself down or up… If I do really well I think I’ll deffo get A in Environmental Science, I should (fingers crossed) get a B in Physics.. and I’d love to, (but very unlikelyto,) get a B in Maths and a B in General Studies. If I have done awfully, the worst I’d hope I’d have to face would be a B in ES, a C in Physics and a D in Maths, thought I’m  hoping that is going to just be me doubting my own abilities!

I guess I’ll post again tomorrow with my results and what I’m going to do.


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