My bad….

where’s this constant stream of blog updates you promised?

yeah well…

…I’ve been busy…
Worse excuse ever.. I’ve had so much to blog and there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t thought about blogging, but…. every time I’ve put it off for some reason or another…. “I’m too tired”, “I’ve got too much to blog, I can’t only blog about one thing, that’s unfair”, ” I’ve been away and need to catch up on other more important things”… etc.

I procrastinate too much… I’ll tell you about it later 😉

Anyway, seeing as I’ve got too much to tell in detail I’ll jsut give a quick update as to what I’ve been up to.
Firstly I’ve been working at the attic (yay!) and I love it there 🙂 I’m so pleased I got the job in my favourite shop!
I’ve been on holiday to the peak district- I went camping with my mum, my sister and loads of my mum’s school friends and thier “kids”. I took rather alot of photos. Maybe I’ll post some one day. Some of them will go on my flickr and some on facebook.
I’ve seen a fair bit of my family, my twin cousins and thier mum (my first cousin) came up, as well as my uncle, my auntie (on the other side) and another 2 cousins.
Also last week I had my first propper driving lesson which was really good, tho I need to get slicker at my gear changes… hopefully my dad will put me on his insureance so I can practice driving what I learn in the lessons!

So quick catch up done… what about right now?
Well….I’ve been trying to get a camera… prefrably a 1000D canon I think.
I also want to make a little project up called “What makes me happy?” pictures to go on flickr I hope.
Also tonight I’ve been looking at lots of dinosaur things 🙂   random but whatever 😛

okay I’m too tired to write more… laters


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