Work, Work, Work

I’m now half way through my exams…. I’ve been doing them since the 11th May, and I have six left- 5 next week and then the last is on the 23rd June. Very spread out haha! Some of my friends have already finished 😦 lucky them!

After that really bad maths exam I had last week- I have been revising harder than I ever have. On Monday I did 6 or so hrs Tuesday I did 7 and then on Wednesday I did 3hrs of revision in the morning and then had 3.5hrs of exams in the afternoon. Ergh. Physics haha. They went okay i guess. The examiner tried very hard to give me all the wrong questions 😦 but I think I’ve done okay…ish… =/

I let myself have a break last night… I’m nackered… going to bed at 11-12pm cause of revising late and then waking up at 5am worrying doesn’t exactly help! haha. I woke up this morning at about 6, and started to think about how many marks I will have to get in my next exam to get a B in maths… which I REALLY need to get, not just becuase if I dont get a B there is a massive chance I wont be going to the uni of my choice (or any uni at all), but becuase if I dont get ABB for B’ham then I wont get the grant bursery thing of £2000! And I’ll really need the money when I get to uni. I could do with the money now too 😛

Anyway… I’ve been really wanting to work for this lady at this tiny tiny little shop in the village. The shop is SO me! But becuase its so small I couldnt bring myself to ask to see if she wanted any summer assistants, simply becuase I didnt think there would be any room for one, even though I desprately want to go and work there. Ive been in there so many times saying to myself -“this time ASK!!!!”… but I never do!
She did tell me before easter that she would sell the outfits for the teddy bears she sells (I bought one 😛 it was too adorable- maybe i’ll post a picture later)- but I thought it sounds alot of work to be honest =/

Today I went in there after picking up my sister and her friend from school meaning to ask… but I gave up- I thought there’s no point- she wont need anyone 😦

Then she asked me about how my exams and stuff were going… and I mentioned that becuase its a long summer before uni id be looking for jobs etc… but she didnt say anything… then my mum – she’s deaf so didnt know I’d just talked to her about it went and told her that I was going to be JOB HUNTING (very loudly) and that beggars couldnt be choosers *rolled eyes*… Then… then
she said (after a long pause) ….”acutally…I went to view this shop in Ambleside on Monday and the lady said that I have to tell her wether I want the place or not today- and i said yes, but thought maybe i was jumping in the boat too quick and so rang up to ask her to hold up becuase she wasnt so sure- she had no staff for here and didnt want to work all summer because she wanted to spend some time with her boys… do you think you’d be willing to work here??? It’ be odd hours – 3pm till 5 or 5.30pm becuase one lady cant work past 3pm 2 days a week, and Id have no one to staff the shop on the weekend for those times… would you be interested?” I jumped at the chance- I mean this is my dream job atm (for like a summer job – not a lifetime career or anything haha), so what if the hrs are a bit annoying, I really want to work here!
I love the stuff in the shop- so it wouldnt be hard to sell things 😛 I thought 🙂

Mum said I might have snookered myself a bit though. Becuase of the odd hours I might not be able to get a full day job on the weekend which is what most of the employers want around here becuase it’s all tourist industry based. However we both aggreed that I’d be able to get a job in a hotel or guest house for morning work… and i might, just might be able to get night work in a bar, or doing lots of babysitting 🙂 and then there is always work during the week. So things shouldnt be Too bad.

I’m excited XD
I really hope she does get that new shop- not just becuase I know it will be full of lovely stuff, but cause I’d probably get the job! She was all like “you’ve saved me!- helped me turn this around” etc etc 😀
The shop is joined onto a coffee shop which has a gorgeous window display and I hope lovely smells will drift through into the shop 🙂 hehe

right I really must go revise! I wasnt meaning this to be such a long post :S


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