Oh My… The End

So So So much has happened recently! Crazy world! hehe

Last Day of School EVER!

Finally the last day of my school live came and went… was a busy day! My form head for the last 2 years was also leaving, so we gave her a present in form, and she gave us all mini art pads ( she’s head of art) that she had written stuff in for us! It was really sweet of her to give us year books 🙂 I’d already got my own year book sometime last year from Muji- it’s a pastport like book, so now i have 2 year books! hehe.
We had a mad time in the morning signing each other’s year books, and then had a whole year group photo outside the 6th form centre before a really nice year group picnic lunch, which I presume was payed for out of the 6th form budget. Then in the afternoon we had a Yr 13 leavers assemboly. At the end, our headmaster said ” I declare the class of 2009 out!” ~ was a funny feeling.
Athought they told us not to grow up inside, the staff were like- this is where your grown up life begins….
Our head of year said to us ” DON’T PAINIC” whatever you do dont panic… when you revise for your exams, when you sit your exams, when you get your results, when you start uni, when you have to go for an interview, when you start a new job… and when someone asks you to spend the rest of your life with them…..
That last bit made me feel really odd

The next day I saw a old best  friend from primary school… and then she dropped a bombshell! She’s pregnant! AND she’s due in a month! I was almost speachless! I new from the day before that we had to grow up into adults now… but I wasnt expecting things to move that fast! She’s only 17! :S ahhh welll it’s her life!

Anyway… in the evening was the May Ball

May Ball

Quite a few of the “cheerleaders and jocks” as I’d call them (the ‘popular’ crew at school) turned up half baked. Idiots. They were so loud!

One of the boys in our year is an amazing guitarist and his band played for us 🙂 their drummer was amazing too 🙂


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