Busy time

I’ve been so busy this week that when I’ve actually had a moment to do a post, I’ve beeen too tired to.
So I thought I’d do a very quick one now.
I started my exams last week but I’ve only had General Studies resit so far, the rest of the exams start from the 4th June onwards.
Yesterday I had a double free free- my last one ever >_< haha. I spent it looking for a necklace for the may ball ( which I'll no doubt talk about later) and then went home to read my mum's copy of Easy Living. 🙂
Well, I wasnt half shocked when I read that magazine…. I thought it would be all sort of "middle age" women stuff, with articles about people who had held charity events, or recipies for afternoon tea, and lots of ideas for the home…. I was pretty far out. Most of the magazine was made up of articles about sex. Like a Cosmipolitan for slightly older women. Did not expect that like! eeesh haha 😛 Oh well….
Later last night I finally sorted out my Uni accommodation for Birmingham university ( fingers crossed I get in!). I was pretty stressed by the end of it. Not really sure why though… maybe its becuase I dont like the finalisation stage of anything. It makes it real, it's like a contract I cant go back on, and I find it scary. Pretty stupid really.
I got a bit tense just finalising my organ donation last night. I mean, I'm already carrying cards saying that I will donate some of my organs after my death, but after reading a article saying that, that isnt enough and you have to register online to make sure that your wishes are known (giving the highest chance that your organs will actually be useful to someone else) made me all stressed, as if it was a final act, like I was almost signing my life away.
I hope by just going on and doing these things rather than posponing them (I'm the queen of procrasionation here ( I'll tell you about it later;) )), that I'll eventually get rid of that horrid feeling that I actually dont want to do it after all.

Anyway…. I think I have to go now as I've got more things to do like 2 past papers, and 2 classes worth of cupcakes to bake for end of school year class parties (:
It's gunna be both really nice and very sad to leave school for the final time. I'm sure that Friday's adventures will be a great way to finish my time at Secondary School.
(whole year group picnic lunch, year group photo, leavers assemboly then the MAY BALL! yay!) Must remember to ask ppl to sign my year book tomorrow!


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