Post! And lots of it all round!

I adore getting good post.
Today I got 3 things, and 2 where good post.
Normally I dont get anything, or if I do its just bank statements and bills- boring! But today… today I got a letter from connections =/ , the book off ebay ( RRP £14.99, but i got it off ebay for 15p!!!(plus postage) ) and my provisional driving licence! wooo! Now once the cars are insured against me smashing them up….. I can finally learn to drive >_< im so excited! haha. Mind you it has taken me a year and a half to get thus far… so I’m doubting that ill ever learn to drive before uni…. which is only a few months away :S
scary thought that…

Anyway… Anu also got post >_< her first propper mail, bless her. She got a letter from this little girl who stayed in the cottage nextdoor for a week with her mum (who spent the whole time it seemed, inside doing work for uni), her dad and thier dog. They took Anu out like everyday (lucky her!) and the girls became good friends. They also sent a load of pictures of the 2 of them doing things together so Anu has memories of it. I remember being taken out by guests with children my age, when I was Anu’s age.

I developed one really good friend that way who’s family luckily came back one or twice a year. However her family stopped comming so I lost contact with her.
Many people who came promised me that they would write to me and that we could be “pen pals” ( not that I was very impressed with the idea of sending so many letters to all these people haha). One of those people I did actually keep contact with though nowerdays its via MSN, not the old fashioned snail mail, tho I do send her a christmas card. Another B&B guest from yonks ago sends me post cards from where she lives in AUS, and even presents at christmas time!!! Which reminds me, I have to write to her and my cousin in America soon… (my bad for not replying!) It would be so much quicker to just email them… but there is just that something special about acutually receiving things in the post…


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