New WordPress Blog

Yes another one but this time everyone can read it and it’s gunna be about anything I think of that I want to discuss or tell people about. Lets just hope I write more often eyy?
Please visit my links page!  For one it took me ages, and its got a lots of good site on it. I will be adding more to it so dont only look at it once either!
I’ve done a brief¬† “About Me” section too which once I think of stuff to write I may add too. I hope. haha. Have a look anyway becuase it tells you about me…. and thats the purpose of it isnt it?

okay I think ive spent far too much time on this blog for tonight I must go!

oh, one thing before I do… if there is anyone that knows how to make a drop down menu from the home or about me pages so that i can link things to them… please tell me! It’s been fustrating me tonight. thanks!


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